May 5, 2016




Our new Stella Green flexible edging system is ideal for all sorts of landscaping applications:

– parks
– gardens
– trees and bushes
– flower beds
– lawns
– turf and grass areas
– turf rolls
– driveways and park roads
– residential lawns
– walkways and driveways edging
– patios
– garden yards
– paving projects

The key benefits of our Stella Green flexible edge:

  • creates a crisp, clean and distinctive look
  • easy to install and re-install
  • landscape is truly defined by a proper separation
  • prevents lawn grass from invading the garden
  • properly installed increase visual aesthetics
  • builds a properly designed and balanced landscape
  • keeps the garden components contained
  • safe and flexible
  • lasting durability
  • easy to shape any way
  • time and cost effective
  • adapts to straight or curved areas
  • fully recycled and 100% recyclable


Each edge is 800mm long and can be fixed to the next edge with a simple slot and pin method, giving an actual length of 750mm when joined. It comes in two depths 45mm and 60mm and in two clours black and green, however we can make to edges in any colour that you like with some notice.

For quantity orders, please contact us for details. We have new trade stands available which double up as a container to hold the edges


Our Stella Green grid system.

STELLA GREEN plastic paving grid is a ground reinforcement paving solution designed to improve natural water drainage and at the same time to prevent ground erosion. Highly durable, lightweight, permeable paving grids are excellent alternative to concrete or asphalt surfaces. Environmentally friendly 100% recycled and fully recyclable STELLA GREEN paving grids offer integrated and flexible solutions for numerous applications. It is ideal solution for modern eco car parks offering a good value for money. STELLA GREEN solution gives an easy, no- excavation installation option with permanent or temporary fully stabilised erosion resisatance of slopes or roadsides. Combined with STELLA GREEN garden egding the paving grids may offer further finishing solutions to retain gravel infill and give an aesthetic look  

green pp80



Specifications Stella Green SG80
Dimensions 492x 492mm (+/- 2%) and height 40mm
Colour green, grey, white
Number of latches 8 pieces
Number of anchoring pins 4 per grid
Weight of 1 piece  1,05- 1,15 (+/- 5%) kg
Material PE, PP
Strength 240 tonnes/m²




Stella Green bay marker and geotextile securing pin


Made from durable UV stable PP, our fixing pin is a great item for delineating parking bays and disabled symbols. It can be fixed in both gravel and grass installations. It has the added advantage of securing grid paving down and inhibiting lateral movement

170mm long with a head diameter of 70mm, this item can also be used to fix down any type of geotextile membrane. We only sell this item in lots of 10 units